Look Good..Feel Great!

‘I became a juicy woman.I soon realised that my inner succulence needed external manifestation. I knew what I wanted :i wanted to wear a party outfit every day. I wanted to feel special every day. I needed my body to feel honoured as much as my mind and spirit. I began to create a lifestyle that would reflect this. I choose to join circles where I felt honoured, enriched, happy and special and could honestly make others feel the same. Over the years I have created a wardrobe filled with clothes, accessories and underwear that excites me. I shop sensually. I touch and smell fabrics, Imagining the adventures I can have in each item before I buy it. I wonder whether it will make my skin feel alive and what kind of moods the colour will bring out in me. I bejewel myself because I want to shimmer as I move through the world, reflecting my inner sparkle.’One of my favourite passages from one of my all time favourite books. Marlene Wasserman, author of Pillow book: Creating a sensual lifestyle by Dr Eve.

I have always been fascinated about how when I feel good I project that energy into the universe and I’m greeted with all kinds of positive interactions.

Studies now show that there are links between what you wear and your emotional state and rightly so. The way we dress increases our confidence, and has the potential to lift our mood. On the other hand when our mood plummets and we feel sad we don’t focus on how we look.

A few years ago, through work I was introduced to an organisation called ‘Look Good…Feel Better‘. A programme that helps women facing trauma or the stress of cancer overcome their appearance due to treatment ,in a 12 step skin care and make up regime. These sessions give women the opportunity to be pampered and to interact with other’s who are going through a similar experience. When they leave these sessions, beauty products in hand not only do they look good they feel even better.

So what are you waiting for?! Wear the dress, put on your favourite shade of lipstick, have your nails done. Buy the shoes. Wear your party dress every day!



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