Asian Persuasion

Thailand, also known as the land of a thousand smiles. This place will creep into the corners of your heart and despite the language barrier will make you feel like you have come ‘home’. If laying on silky white beaches sipping real coconut water, Island hopping, and on the odd occasion visiting a temple and drinking copious amounts of watermelon smoothies is your idea of a holiday then this is definitely for you.

A land of a thousand smiles

Another plus is that South Africans don’t need a visa if you are staying for 30 days (travelling by air) or less. Please note that in the more touristy towns you are bound to bump into at least four South African honeymooners, a few Durbanites and a bachelor who wants to celebrate his last days of freedom. The number one reason South Africans love Thailand is because of the exchange rate. The Thai baht is better on our pockets than the Euro or Dollar has ever been.



If you wondering when to travel to Thailand, November – February is usually categorised  as the best time to visit. While June – October sees heavy rainfall and cooler temperatures and when we went (October) the humidity even during monsoon season was so intense that I don’t think I would have survived high season.

Image taken at the Grand Palace

It seems that tourists still flock to the Andaman sea, west of Thailand , with Phuket , Krabi and Ko Phi Phi continuing to be on top of the list. With crystal blue water that make your pictures look like you have been photo-shopped in it , it’s no wonder why.



If however you are looking for a more quiet experience, with less tourists and fireworks you need to visit Koh Samui where you can find spots of complete isolation.

Image taken on our way to Phi Phi Islands

While you there don’t forget about Bangkok even if just for a few days, no trip to Thailand is complete without visiting the Capital city. This is where we visited The Grand Palace, also where I slid into the temple when it rained and questioned why no one knew marble and rain do not mix. Home to floating markets and some of the best sushi haunts as described here.

Our hotel in Bangkok

The memories that I hold dear to me will always be the unplanned adventures like quad biking up to see Big Buddha after eating myself sick at the cashew nut factory, pinning money on the ‘tree’ for blessings from the monks in return. Taking what I thought would be a 15 minute trip on a speedboat to Islands *names I have now forgotten * which actually took more than an hour , and then stopping in the middle of the ocean to go snorkeling and feed the fish with bread bought on the shore.

Running into a school friend one day just newly wed, comparing our experiences and me saying well I haven’t really eaten anything foreign , I remember him saying’ you don’t want to come back home and realise that because you played it safe , you will never be able to answer people when they ask what the food is like‘ after that I ate from street vendors, I ate the weird and found the wonderful.

Discovering a ferry close to our hotel in Bangkok one day and deciding to go exploring without our guide, we paid, settled down for our journey of discovery and within five minutes we reached our destination, we didn’t realise we had just paid for the ferry to take us to the other side of the river bank.

Street Cuisine

I cant wait to go back as there is so much exploring to do still, islands undiscovered and sunsets yet unseen. Thailand would be my number one suggestion to someone travelling for the first time. The perfect destination if ever there was one.

One of the many half man statues at The Grand Palace

Happy travelling and as always if you need help planning your trip I would be happy too.


Basic Instinct

Last week when I started my wardrobe over-haul I needed inspiration  and looked to the latest trends. As inspiration struck , I realised that you cannot have the perfect wardrobe without the basics.  These pieces are usually timeless and with some organisation might just help you in those ‘I have nothing to wear’ moments. I’d rather build a wardrobe of classics and  add a few strategic on trend pieces to keep it up to date than spend money on trends that will be here today and gone tomorrow. After hours of research I’ve narrowed the must have basics down to these top twelve:


The White -Tee

Believe it or not I have never been a fan of the white tee until recently. I probably  have missed out on years of effortless style. Last summer I teamed it up with a white jeans just like the one pictured below , threw on a kimono all in five minutes and I was ready for my Saturday morning shenanigans. Don’t be afraid to add a grey and black tee to your arsenal as well, you wont be sorry.

white tee
Image courtesy of Gabi


It’s all in the  Jeans

Every closet needs that pair of jeans that hugs and accentuates every curve. You’ll know you’ve found the perfect pair when you step into it and feel like a conqueror.

perfect jeans
Image courtesy of Nadia Aboulhosn


White Sneakers

Whether you pairing it with a dress, athleisure or jeans nothing says ‘pulled together’ more than a classic pair of sneakers.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

The perfect blazer

A perfectly tailored blazer can turn any outfit into a statement piece.

Image courtesy Tanesha


If you get nothing else but the Little Black Dress you would have done well. This age-old classic can take you from the office to a cocktail party. Versatile and chic, nothing beats the LBD!

Image courtesy of Nicolette

The black pump

Just like the LBD, the black pump can take you from office to party without breaking a sweat .

black pump
Image courtesy of Pinterest

Pencil skirt

Another look that has made it through the ages. You can dress it up or down. Tight in all the right places but lots of breathing space for your legs.

pencil skirt
Teer Wayde Image courtesy of Pinterest

White Button Down Shirt

Ah, the classic white shirt, another timeless wardrobe staple. Nothing beats a crisp white shirt. In the same category as that ‘just out of the shower, straight into cotton p.js to lay down on clean sheets’feeling.

white button down
Image courtesy of Trendy Curvy

Black Trousers

This has always been a staple in my wardrobe, but for the past three years I have updated the look as my taste has gravitated towards cigarette trousers* as pictured further up with the black pump*. Stylish, chic and just a tad playful.

black trousers
Image courtesy

Strappy Heel

A nice strappy heel, once again in a neutral colour will complement denim as easily as it does dresses.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Red lips

A few years ago I went to see Akon in concert and tried red lipstick for the first time. I hated it , I felt like a clown but then I fell in love with it and now I never leave home without it. Nothing ties an outfit together perfectly than red lips. My favourite shades are Ruby Woo *Mac*, Russian Red *MAC*, Perfect Red in Matte *NYX* and Certainly Red *Revlon*. As Coco Chanel said ‘ If you sad, add more lipstick and attack’.

red lips
Image courtesy of J’adore


I am not a coat person but this is worth a mention as all research indicates that when it comes to covering up in winter you need a leather jacket, a denim jacket and a classic trench coat to finish off your look. If I had to choose one it would be the timeless trench as seen on Jackie Onassis.

jackie o
Jackie O *image courtesy of Pinterest*

A midwinter night’s dream.

Feeling the need to update my wardrobe for summer I went looking at the 2016 Spring/Summer collections for inspiration,in hopes that the fashion world  will get me out of my winter depression.I’m a tad eager for summer to rear its head i know but you need something to look forward to.Its the little things that keep me sane!

These are my favorite trends for SS 2016,that caught my eye and it looks easy enough to incorporate into any wardrobe. I hope it brings some sunshine into your  wardrobe.

1.Cold Shoulder

I am a big fan of off the shoulder everything. Imagine my excitement when I saw the off the shoulder top or cold shoulder as its known make the cut. It seems this is a big hit this summer.

off the shoulder
Courtesy of


As much as I am a bag person, this trend is not for me, this time around. I love it , I wore it in the 90’s. It re-surfaced in 2014 and it seems its going to be here for another season.  I have seen this trend on every street corner, no wonder it made another season.

As seen on Olivia Palermo – image courtesy of


Another firm favorite of mine is the high collared Victorian styled shirts. With puffy sleeves and bows the Victorian trend has never looked more romantic.

Image courtesy of

4.Slip Dress

Personally I don’t think this trend is for me which is okay because not every trend is meant to make its way to your wardrobe, but seeing that this was big on the runway, I thought I would include it.  If you love the feminine  feel that wearing underwear  as outerwear gives , this is a must have according to fashionistas everywhere.

slip dress
As seen on the runway for Givenchy *image courtesy of
  1. Graphic bags

Now this is something I can get excited about. Bold statement bags are in. A statement bag can pull any outfit together and portray your mood at the same time.

statement bags
Nomuzi Mabena wearing a Maria Mccloy bag *image courtesy of Maria Mccloy*
  1. Embroidered dress

Think boho, romantic, peace , love and fairy dress, this is how I would describe the feel of this trend. Over the past month I have seen this dress pop up more and more on my feed and I find myself strangely drawn to it .

Image courtesy of
  1. Tiara

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is my all-time favourite movie and sometimes I think it’s because for  the first time in my life this movie made it perfectly normal for a lady *not of the Royal descent* to include a Tiara in her everyday wear.  When I saw this in  SS2016 I can’t even explain how my heart jumped for joy. Forget the headbands and flower garlands, Tiara’s are this season’s it hair accessory. And luckily for me I just brought a fresh batch back from Turkey.

Image courtesy of

8.White Shirt

This wardrobe staple is classic. The basic white shirt however has had a major revamp on the runway. Think asymmetrical, button down,shirt dress even off the shoulder.

white shirt 2 isobel
Image courtesy of Isabel de Villiers
  1. Flats

Flats have always equaled comfort. Now comfort meets understated style. As seen on the runway for Victoria Beckham, mules are now on trend. Think I’ll stick to flats.

Image courtesy of Aldo South Africa

10 Denim

Whether you like yours distressed, really short dresses, or short shorts, raw, light, shirt dresses, boyfriend or high-waisted, denim is another wardrobe basic and took its place as a firm favourite on the runway.

Image courtesy of Nadia Aboulhosn

Thank you for reading xx