OOTD:How to dress for your body type!

Hello World. 💛 Today I wanted to share my latest OOTD ( Outfit of the day ) with you.

What’s better than a sale ? Getting your favourite brand in this case David Jones on 65% less that’s what. Thanks Woolworths, we love your 50% & up sales.

2018-08-18 16.00.34

I picked up this grey turtle neck knit dress for just R240. 00. Whaaaat! I have been eyeing it online for a while and was pleased as punch when I managed to pick it up in store.

This dress is the perfect transition piece as I can see myself wearing it well into spring because it’s such a lightweight knit.

2018-08-18 15.59.26

Before my body positive journey my wardrobe consisted of pants & jeans and I would never consider wearing a body con dress like this in a million years . Dresses like this that hug every curve. Surely I’ve read enough articles as a teenager on dressing for your body type & which clothes would flatter you most to know better.

Yes I do know better now . I’ve let all those do’s & don’ts take a backseat and use one rule only . If it makes me feel good , I’m wearing it.Feel good fashion is my thing. And that is how to dress for your body type!

2018-08-18 16.00.04

Thank you for reading lovelies xx

OOTD: Cosy knits & “How to feel pretty”

Hello World. It’s time to Break Out an OOTD ( Outfit of the day post), Girl it’s another jumper/jersey post .

I wasn’t lying when I said I’m living for snug knits this winter. Paired over here with a fur gilet, it immediately changes the whole knit/legging/boot combo. To not end up looking the same I also changed up the accessories in this look , including the massive earrings, added a hat & different sunglasses.


The fur gilet was gifted to me two years ago which was bought on sale at Woolies for wait for it R100. This is on trend and will be around for a good few years still. The earrings I nabbed off my friend and is from Mr Price where it retails  for R19.90, the hat is from Trenery and sunglasses from Aldo (three/four years ago)

A few weekends ago all snug in my knit we went to the movies . I wanted to watch ‘I Feel Pretty’. A romcom starring Amy Schumer who plays Renee a woman who doesn’t believe she’s beautiful. Instead of having a makeover, or going on some fad diet, after a little bump on the head, something changes for her. What changes is the way she sees herself.


This movie is relatable in so many ways. There was a time when I was Renee, I felt ignored & definitely not beautiful . I hated being fat and thought to the world I was ugly and invisible, until I changed the conversations I was having with myself. I started loving me for who I was, an imperfect mess. I invested my time in people who accepted me for me. I spent my time doing things that fed my soul. The world slowly changed for me. It proved to me that who I see myself as is who people will see me as. And what people were seeing was someone who was loving life.

broken blog pic

The world we live in will still judge you for being fat because people have been conditioned to believe that beauty has one standard look. And that look is a size zero. The change comes when you believe in your worth. We need to change our dialogue. Being fat isn’t being ugly, being fat doesn’t mean you are not worthy of love , being fat doesn’t mean you are invisible .

J.K Rowling says it better than I ever will – “Is fat really the worst thing a human being can be? Is fat worse than vindictive, jealous, shallow, vain, boring, evil or cruel? Not to me”

As always thank you for reading , with all my love F xx

OOTD:David Jones

Hello World. Time to Break Out a young OOTD (Outfit of the Day post).

As a plus size woman I have always struggled to find clothes I love. Over recent years that struggle has become easier with more brands branching out, local designers offering inclusive ranges & Instagram stores filling the niche market.

blog pic2

My love for local designer Isabel de Villiers is apparent on my OOTD posts here , here and here. As well as new and upcoming modest wear brand Kalathea Clothing which you can read about here and here. However what about when you just need something simple, you know the staples: a white tee or jeggings. I love Mr Price but their leggings never last me more than a few months.

Thank God for David Jones! If you didn’t know David Jones is an Australian department store brand bought over by Woolworths in 2014.  I started picking up a few items here & there two years ago, I am now a big fan of the brand.

blog pic 1

My jeggings purchased a year ago are still going strong thank you very much. At a price of about R350.00/ 27 USD/20GBP it doesn’t sound like it’s the cheapest , HOWEVER if you use my cost per wear ratio, which I use on everything I buy (this is the Total cost of the item/ estimated number of days you’ll wear it = the cost per wear) I currently pay R1.04/0.08USD/0.61GBP  a day, for jeggings!

Back to my current OOTD post.This light pink sequined David Jones knit  paired with leggings and boots for a cosy & snug fit in the chilly winter days is currently my favourite combo. Because knits and leggings are becoming my go too, I try to use accessories to change-up my look a bit.

blog pic 3

Here I am wearing a ripped knit beanie in a darker pink from Woolworths (R120.00), tassel earrings from Mr Price (R39.90) and Witchery Sunglasses to complete the look.

I got 99 problems but (thanks to fully inclusive brands) my curves ain’t one. Spend your money with brands who value your business, not with brands who treat you as an afterthought. As always thank you for reading , all my love F xx

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, it should be though!







OOTD: Little Miss Sunshine featuring Isabel De Villiers

Hello World. It’s time to Break Out an Outfit of the Day post (OOTD).

The dress I’m wearing in this post is by one of my all time favourite designers, Isabel De Villiers. I wasnt sure about this dress at first, as the colour is so far out of my comfort zone but I took the plunge anyway and decided to try something new.  This dress was the second dress I picked up on sale , you can read about the other dress I picked up over here.

isable yellow tulle

This yellow Tulle Summer Dress, is the most dreamy princess dress anyone could ask for and can be styled in many ways. Here comfortability was key as I knew I was going to be on my feet all day.I paired it with a pair of olive boots & because we not really in the heat of summer I wore a boat neck bodysuit underneath.

isabel diff background

Stepping out of your comfort zone is a good thing, it keeps your look fresh and makes you question everything. Fashion to me is about playing around with different things until I get something that is undeniably my style. Fashion also means not having any rules. At the end of the day clothes make you feel a certain way. And I always want to feel good. Feel good fashion. It’s a thing! Make it your thing.

isable yellow tulle 1

Have you invested in one of Isabel’s pieces? Let me know if you are as inlove with her work as I am. As always thank you for reading. With all my love , F xx






OOTD:The Fix

Hello World. It’s time to Break out a OOTD (Outfit of the Day) post.

I picked up this t-shirt dress from The Fix two months ago. Since The Fix rebranded from Fashion Express they don’t have a dedicated plus size section wgich was a bit dissapointing.However  I popped in on a whim & was surprised when some of their items actually fit. I love that I can style this dress as a lazy summer throw over to the beach and pair it with stockings & boots for colder days. This dress was approximately R260. 00.


This past weekend because of a work commitment at Clovelly Country Club I found myself exploring Muizenberg, Kalk Bay and Fishoek & this was the perfect no fuss dress. I hadn’t walked these streets for years and yet it felt familiar. The way home does. I remembered summer nights spent at Cape to Cuba and summer days spent at St James Beach swimming until you were exhausted from the sun & sea water .


What feels better than sitting on the beach eating fish and chips straight from the wrapping it came in. Sometimes it is the little things!


Being a tourist in your own city can be as exciting as hopping on a plane to go somewhere foreign. What places give you those feel good memories? As always thank you for reading, with all my love, F x

OOTD: The Snug Life with Trenery

Hello World. It’s time to break out an OOTD (Outfit of the Day) post, its been long enough.

A month ago Woolworths had their annual sale & did I score big time. I picked up a few jumpers from Trenery  at 75% off. I find this outfit works well when its the end of the week, you mostly office bound and have to power through all the admin you put off during the week.

I paired the jumper with tights and velcro strap metallic sneakers from Studio W in this OOTD post. With the days getting a bit colder I feel this is going to become a firm favorite for casual Friday’s as its super comfortable and laid back.

Polka Dot Jumper (Trenery), Tights (Mr Price) and sneakers (Studio W)



How cute are these layered tassel earrings?! A steal at R39.99 (MR Price)
Sunglasses Witchery

Happy Fake Friday everyone. As always thank you reading.


Hello World. Its time to Break Out another OOTD (Outfit of the Day) post. Recently I introduced you to Kalathea Clothing who I featured on my first OOTD post & today my OOTD is another Kalathea original. Asked to walked in a charity event for them recently , with little time , I arrived on the day of the event to this beauty, custom made for me. This pleated  full length dress with 3/4 sleeves & side seam pockets  feels luxuriously soft.


As a plus size community we have come so far when it comes to whats readily available at retail stores, the sizes/styles & options definately are more inclusive now , but we are still a far cry from where we should be. A few years ago bored with the selection on offer I started looking at local designers, pop up shops & online/instagram stores. Boy am I glad I did. Fashion labels like Kalathea clothing make it easy to love & buy local.

I now use my voice to influence the plus size fashion industry by choosing who I spend my money with. In fact we all have that power, we have been ignored for so long that the only way for our voices to be heard loud & clear is the brands we choose to support.

As always thank you for reading lurvlies. With all my love F xx

WSWB: Kalathea Clothing

Hello World. It’s been a minute and I’m happy to share another Women Supporting Women in Business post on this beautiful Friyay. Women supporting Women in Business is a networking event I started a few years ago & now I’ve extended that to a WSWB section on the blog. This initiative is close to my heart because I love nothing more than when women empower each other and at the same time it allows me to support local.

Today I’m excited to introduce you to Kalathea Clothing. Kalathea Clothing is an upcoming local brand owned by sisters-in-law Khadeeja and Koebraa. The purpose of the brand is to provide breastfeeding friendly modest wear that is trendy & versatile but at the same time chic & elegant. More importantly, the brand caters for plus sizes up to 3xl with plans to expand the plus size range in the future.



Khadeeja and Koebraa the powerhouse(s) behind Kalathea Clothing are sisters-in-law but refer to themselves as sisters. The sisters have a distinctive flare for fashion.

Kalathea Clothing came about when Khadeeja saw the lack of representation in the plus size market. She felt that plus size clothes needed to be more prominent and that fuller figured ladies should be celebrated.

Pictured Left: Khadeeja Abbas  & Pictured Right: Koebraa Peters

For Koebraa, being a new mother of a now 4 month old, a 2 am breastfeeding session acted as a form of inspiration. She realized just how challenging it was for her to find appropriate breastfeeding friendly clothing that was modest yet stylish. There was a clear niche in the market and she wanted their business to address that niche.

A sneak peek of whats to come.

The name Kalathea comes from the plant genus Calathea. “Since both of our names start with a K we replaced the C with a K so now the name was connected to us somehow but there was something more important about the meaning. Calathea plants are often gifted as a symbol of new beginnings or happiness and has connotations with ‘turning over a new leaf’. This was the perfect symbolism for our new endeavor and Kalathea was born.”

Kalathea Clothing launches August 26th 2017 and will be available at a local market hosted by Frilly Lilly at Ambiance. After which you will find them at most local markets in and around Cape Town.

Styling tips by Kalathea inspired by their upcoming range.

As a parting thought I asked Koebraa & Khadeeja to share their number one tip when it comes to being a stylish momma.

Koebraa: Wow it’s so difficult to choose just one [laughs]. I think that I would say to just be yourself. Wear what you think feels good and what makes you feel good about yourself. Even if it means not following whatever trend is out there. Create your own trends if you must. That’s certainly something I live by.

Khadeeja: I think one should wear the garment and not let the garment wear you. This way you will always feel that you look good.

Remember when you support & love local not only do you improve the economy but you also promote a strong sense of “community”! Women are the foundation of any community! Build them up!Celebrate their successes! In my book its a “win-win”for everyone involved. As always thank you for reading!



MBFWCT Autumn/Winter April 2017

Hello World! A week ago I attended the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town #MBFWCT Autumn/Winter 2017 event. After being postponed due to our infamous wind, the second choice venue, Salt River studios was a dream. Imagine dusty railway lines as you driving up to the venue, vintage(read old) warehouses, add fashion and you have a recipe for success. What a stunning venue & perfect location for a photo shoot (if anyone is interested).

This year was the first time I attended MBFWCT as media/blogger. I have always attended as a member of the public because I want to support local wherever and whenever I can. I wish more people supported/attended MBFWCT , as some of the shows I attended were not filled to capacity as I thought it would be. And that is a shame! The talent on display filled my heart with African pride.

I also spotted some hot trends like turquoise tones as seen at Valentino and white feathers as seen at Balenciaga. However as much as the show was on par with international standards I loved the originality & interpretation of designers.

My favorite show by far was Afro Mod Trends. Their line “African Gatsby ” had so much sass it set my soul alight.

Below is a visual diary of the shows I attended, featuring my most loved pieces. If you wish to see more click here.

Adama Paris *image courtesy of AFI*
Afro Mod Trends *image courtesy of AFI*
Black Trash * image courtesy of AFI*
Cherrie-Couture_00006-640x480 (1)
Cherrie Couture *image courtesy of AFI*
Fashion-Revolution-28-640x480 (1)
Fashion Revolution *image courtesy of AFI*
Ituen Basi *image courtesy of AFI*
Jenevieve Lyons *image courtesy of Afi*
Kefseddy Designs *image courtesy of AFI*
Khosi Nkosi *image coutersy of AFI*
Leigh Schubert * image courtesy of AFI*
Orapeleng Modutle Style Avenue *image courtesy of AFI*
Quiteria George  *image courtesy of AFI*
Viniga *image courtesy of AFI*
Sweetie_00014-640x480 (1)
Sweetie *image courtesy of AFI*
Taibo Bacar *image courtesy of AFI*
Vernac *image courtesy of AFI*

Basic Instinct

Last week when I started my wardrobe over-haul I needed inspiration  and looked to the latest trends. As inspiration struck , I realised that you cannot have the perfect wardrobe without the basics.  These pieces are usually timeless and with some organisation might just help you in those ‘I have nothing to wear’ moments. I’d rather build a wardrobe of classics and  add a few strategic on trend pieces to keep it up to date than spend money on trends that will be here today and gone tomorrow. After hours of research I’ve narrowed the must have basics down to these top twelve:


The White -Tee

Believe it or not I have never been a fan of the white tee until recently. I probably  have missed out on years of effortless style. Last summer I teamed it up with a white jeans just like the one pictured below , threw on a kimono all in five minutes and I was ready for my Saturday morning shenanigans. Don’t be afraid to add a grey and black tee to your arsenal as well, you wont be sorry.

white tee
Image courtesy of Gabi Fresh.com


It’s all in the  Jeans

Every closet needs that pair of jeans that hugs and accentuates every curve. You’ll know you’ve found the perfect pair when you step into it and feel like a conqueror.

perfect jeans
Image courtesy of Nadia Aboulhosn


White Sneakers

Whether you pairing it with a dress, athleisure or jeans nothing says ‘pulled together’ more than a classic pair of sneakers.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

The perfect blazer

A perfectly tailored blazer can turn any outfit into a statement piece.

Image courtesy Tanesha Awasthi.com


If you get nothing else but the Little Black Dress you would have done well. This age-old classic can take you from the office to a cocktail party. Versatile and chic, nothing beats the LBD!

Image courtesy of Nicolette Mason.com

The black pump

Just like the LBD, the black pump can take you from office to party without breaking a sweat .

black pump
Image courtesy of Pinterest

Pencil skirt

Another look that has made it through the ages. You can dress it up or down. Tight in all the right places but lots of breathing space for your legs.

pencil skirt
Teer Wayde Image courtesy of Pinterest

White Button Down Shirt

Ah, the classic white shirt, another timeless wardrobe staple. Nothing beats a crisp white shirt. In the same category as that ‘just out of the shower, straight into cotton p.js to lay down on clean sheets’feeling.

white button down
Image courtesy of Trendy Curvy

Black Trousers

This has always been a staple in my wardrobe, but for the past three years I have updated the look as my taste has gravitated towards cigarette trousers* as pictured further up with the black pump*. Stylish, chic and just a tad playful.

black trousers
Image courtesy DanielleVanier.co.uk

Strappy Heel

A nice strappy heel, once again in a neutral colour will complement denim as easily as it does dresses.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Red lips

A few years ago I went to see Akon in concert and tried red lipstick for the first time. I hated it , I felt like a clown but then I fell in love with it and now I never leave home without it. Nothing ties an outfit together perfectly than red lips. My favourite shades are Ruby Woo *Mac*, Russian Red *MAC*, Perfect Red in Matte *NYX* and Certainly Red *Revlon*. As Coco Chanel said ‘ If you sad, add more lipstick and attack’.

red lips
Image courtesy of J’adore


I am not a coat person but this is worth a mention as all research indicates that when it comes to covering up in winter you need a leather jacket, a denim jacket and a classic trench coat to finish off your look. If I had to choose one it would be the timeless trench as seen on Jackie Onassis.

jackie o
Jackie O *image courtesy of Pinterest*