Arniston Travel Diaries!

Hello World. Time to Break out another Travel/OOTD post.

Sometimes you don’t have to fork out thousands of rands for a beach holiday and paradise might be closer than you think. I came to this realization on a recent road trip to Arniston.A small seaside village in the Overberg region close to Cape Agulhas.


Pictures taken by @Capetourismcn


A mere two-hour + drive from Cape Town, Arniston has all the r’s you need: rest, recoup & relaxation. The Arniston Hotel has a picnic menu which is perfect for a day spent at the  beach. On our way back from the beach we drove pass these quaint white washed stone cottages some offering arts & crafts or home-cooked meals.


Cowl Neck Dress from Isabel De Villiers Autumn Winter 2017 range


The peace & quiet that a small town brings made me want to go on more road trips and discover more small towns with quirky cafes where you can buy homemade jams & koeksisters from taanies  with purple hair . For the love of travel & adventure.


Pictures taken by @Capetourismcn

If you looking to be more than just a beach bum on your holiday click here, I’ve got you covered. Thank you to  @Edwillmp for hosting us and showing us his hometown & @Capetourismcn for his gracious hospitality.


Pictures taken by @Capetourismcn

Please share your local road-trip gems & secret hideaways with me below. As always thank you for reading , with all my love F xx


How to travel the world…on a budget… in 5 easy steps!

Hello World! It’s time to Break Out another travel post.

When I get back from a trip I am always asked “ How do you AFFORD to travel“and I always think to myself “How can you afford not to”. Travel is not as expensive as you might think. Today I want to share my top five tips for traveling on a budget.

 1.Black Friday 

South Africa & the travel community has jumped on the Black Friday band wagon and it’s not a bad thing.  Travelstart Black Friday deals go for as little as R4000.00/ 288 USD for some international flights or less than R6000.00 / 432.00 USD to Thailand. How insane is that?!

While browsing the deals I entered a Spin & Win competition on Travelstart’s website & won a R50.00 voucher.

Besides Black Friday deals keep an eye out for mid month sales, annual sales or birthday sales. There’s always a “20 % off ” if you look hard enough.

BlackFlyday (1)
Travelstart’s Black Flyday Flight sale starts 24-27 November 2017

2.Research! Research!Research!

My criteria for traveling is: a)  cheapest destination & b) countries  I can enter that either offer a free 30 day tourist visa or a free visa on arrival. I then choose two destinations & find out when the off-peak season is, I check the exchange rate, the best season/time to travel and their accommodation rates.

Sunsets in Bali


If your dates are not set in stone you can literally save thousands. Always check how the price differs three days before your preferred date & three days after. If I have time I even check a month before/after.

If you are flexible with your destination you might be able to get a price drop too.  Last year I wanted to go to Bali. A day before I was supposed to leave ,when I did a comparison check the tickets to Turkey were coming in at such a good price . I ended up changing my plans and going to Turkey.

This year however I decided it was time to visit Bali, I had put it off far too long. After checking the prices from Cape Town to Bali it came in at R22000.00 /1584 USD for two people.Before booking I decided to do one last search & looked at leaving from Johannesburg instead of Cape Town. Am I glad I did that. My international portion of the trip amounted to R14000.00/ 1008 USD for two people. I then booked domestic flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg for R2500.00 / 180USD once again for two people.  I ended up saving R5500.00 / 396 USD. I booked this through Travelstart’s booking app called Flapp.

Ayasofya in Istanbul

4. Travel Insurance

Credit Cards are not always a bad thing. Most banks offer you free travel insurance when you book your tickets with your credit card. Always check which financial institution gives you the best deal, check what it covers & how much you are covered for.

Phi Phi Island


Start a travel fund, no matter how small your contribution is start saving. Sell any items you no longer need & deposit that money into your travel fund. If you have extra money coming in that you never expected , deposit it in your travel fund. Get my drift. Good. Now Save!

Beautiful Doha


“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page-“Saint Augustine
I fell in love with this quote when I came back from Thailand. And ever since then all I want to do is see the world. I wish the same for all of you! Happy Flyday shopping. As always thank you for reading. With all my love F xx



Monday Must Have’s: Colourpop

Hello World! It’s my favorite time of the week, Monday and time to Break out a Monday Must Have post.

Earlier this year I attended the Beauty Swop or Sale Beauty Expo & picked up my first Colourpop purchase. I’ve heard so many amazing things about this brand , besides being affordable the make-up quality is top-notch & I was quite excited to try it out.

I picked up the Super shocked cheek highlighter in Wisp and the Ultra metallic lip in the shade Maneater.


I picked out these colours because I wanted a golden glow for an upcoming holiday,I was not disappointed. These items were purchased at sale prices from Samika Store , a vendor at the beauty expo. Samika Store is an online retailer who stocks authentic international brands. The highlighter was purchased for R 180/9.6GBP/ 12.66 USD and the lipstick was R175/9.4GBP/12.03USD.


What are your favourite Colour Pop purchases beauties, please share them below as I think this might become one of my favourite brands. As always thank you for reading , with all my love F xx



OOTD: 50 shades of Blue

Hello World. It’s time to Break Out another OOTD (Outfit of the day) post.


Today I’m excited to introduce you ( not that this label needs any introduction) to my favourite South African brand , Isabel de Villiers.


I stumbled across this brand two or so years ago  when I started planning my blog & fell in love. Isabel ‘s designs are simple but strikingly beautiful. It’s so easy to wear and I get compliments every time I wear one of her pieces. If this isn’t enough reason for you to buy local then I don’t know what is.


This blue dress with mesh inserts is from Isabel’s Autumn/Winter 2016 Dark secrets and white lies collection. I paired it with my favourite Utopia Vamp Zip block heel,a red bandana necktie  & blue tassel earrings. Who said you couldn’t wear three different shades of blue!


📸 taken by @iamnuraan_c

As always thank you for reading , with all my love F xx

Monday Must Have’s: Essence Liners

Hello World. Time for me to Break Out a Monday Must Have post again.

Today I’m talking about the Essence Lip liners. I started using this when I couldn’t always afford R200.00/14USD/11GBP for a MAC liner. Its overpriced tbh and I feel the Essence quality is as good. I never used to wear lip-liner but my lipstick bleeds. Wearing  good lip-liners prevents bleeding & prolongs lipstick.


The essence range of lip-liners retails for  R20.00/1.50USD/1GBP each which means I can afford one in every color. As Clicks is forever sold out I use the nude liner under most of my lipsticks & I’ve also been known to use the Essence Kajal Pencil in white as a liner to brighten & change the color of certain lipsticks.

Do you have any value for money items that have replaced your favorites from higher end cosmetic companies? Drop me a comment below. As always thank you for reading beauties.With all my love, F.




Hello World. Its time to Break Out another OOTD (Outfit of the Day) post. Recently I introduced you to Kalathea Clothing who I featured on my first OOTD post & today my OOTD is another Kalathea original. Asked to walked in a charity event for them recently , with little time , I arrived on the day of the event to this beauty, custom made for me. This pleated  full length dress with 3/4 sleeves & side seam pockets  feels luxuriously soft.


As a plus size community we have come so far when it comes to whats readily available at retail stores, the sizes/styles & options definately are more inclusive now , but we are still a far cry from where we should be. A few years ago bored with the selection on offer I started looking at local designers, pop up shops & online/instagram stores. Boy am I glad I did. Fashion labels like Kalathea clothing make it easy to love & buy local.

I now use my voice to influence the plus size fashion industry by choosing who I spend my money with. In fact we all have that power, we have been ignored for so long that the only way for our voices to be heard loud & clear is the brands we choose to support.

As always thank you for reading lurvlies. With all my love F xx

How to “self-care” in five easy steps!

Hello World. Is it just me or do things get crazier the faster festive season approaches?! I guess that means its time to Break out a “How to” self care post .

Having received an email from one of my readers starting an interesting conversation about self care (Hi Emily) this was a blessing in disguise because what is self-care really? It seems I had completely forgotten how to unwind.

And because I have recently been under the weather, this forced me to take some much needed me time. Today I’m sharing my top five things to do when you don’t know how to take care of yourself.

hello world

  1. Light a candle:-The first thing that helped get me into ” chill out” mode was lighting candles, if this doesn’t create a relaxing atmosphere for you nothing will.
  2. Pamper party for one: Now that the mood is set, I knew my skin was screaming for some attention. Using my favorites: ie charcoal mask &  She’zen body re-hydrate my skin was feeling the love in no time. Now on to my hair, eyebrows, & nails. Nothing beats clean hair, fresh nails, soft skin & perfectly shaped brows.
  3. Right or Write: If there is one thing that calms me its writing. Whether it be a blog post, priority list, bucket list or journal-ling. Whatever makes you completely forget about life’s day to day worries do that.
  4. Blending is my cardio: Whatever your bliss is, find it & never let it go. For me it is playing with my makeup. Creating new looks, trying to perfect my cut crease and experimenting with a new make- up technique.
  5. Back to the basics: And if you’ve done all of this and you still feel ‘meh’, lets go back to the basics . Drink some water, have a snack, grab some sunscreen & get some sunshine.

In a world where we often feel guilty when we are not busy & only validated when our priority lists are a mile long, its time to cut the b.s. This past week has reminded me why its important to put myself first. My mental health is more important to me than the fear of saying “no”. Thank you for reading lovelies. What is your number 1 self care tip? Please share in the comment section below. With all my love xx