WSWB: Women in Business Cuppa for CANSA networking event #4

Hello World. It’s time to Break out my fourth Women in Business Cuppa for CANSA post. If you are interested in reading about the others please click here, here and here to see how these events have grown!

We partnered with the PepperClub Hotel & Spa for this event . A five star luxury brand and it was evident from the moment we walked in. The staff took care of everything from set up, technical issues to break down. I knew who was assigned to the event when shifts changed, I was visited by the banqueting manager to see if I was happy with everything and because of all of this I was two hours ahead of schedule and could enjoy lunch before the event started, a luxury I have never had before.

PepperClub Spa & Hotel welcomes our guests

Women Supporting Women in Business (WSWB) is a feature on the blog which inspired me to pilot The Women in Business Cuppa for CANSA event for The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA). The feature highlights powerhouses who are doing amazing things in their field and I wanted to connect these women & start conversations in real life.

Treats whipped up by The Cape Town Hotel School, Clover & Pepperclub Hotel & Spa

Putting together this type of event is exhausting and would not be possible without our partners. Our second collab was with The Cape Town Hotel School who I am lucky enough to have worked with twice now. They were responsible for our cupcakes, with my only brief being “PINK”!

pepperclub 1
Loren, Fadwa & Lynne.

Another crucial collab is our speakers. Our panel of speakers for this event was resident life coach,Lynne Kock owner of Evolution Incorporated Coaching & Consulting and Loren Lee Langenhoven, personal stylist & owner of StylebyLoren.

Loren Lee Langenhoven

And then to the thing that people love receiving the most at this event  but the thing that  gives me the most grey hairs. The goody bag. Getting goodies to fill this amaaazing bag is usually a nightmare. But my trusty sponsors Cosmopolitan, Woolworths, Benefit Cosmetics SA , Prestige, Reydiant Natural Skincare ,The Bees Knees, Cape Town Comedy Club and The Herb & Spice Factory Shop always send over the most beautiful goodies to give away.

cuppa goodybag oct 18

Recently I have also introduced an intimate shopping experience for attendees which gives business owners an opportunity to exhibit their wares and brand at the event.


Stacey -Jane from African Secrets

As proud as I am of this event, what I enjoy most is that it has turned us all into a sisterhood, a #squad not afraid to listen or ask for help from a group of amazing ladies & know that help will be given but so will heart, soul and passion. As always thank you for reading & for supporting this event xx

Birthday Month *Giveaway*

Hello World. Its been a hot minute but I’m back with a special treat.  It’s my birthday month and to celebrate I am hosting a giveaway.


This giveaway is valued at over R4500.00 and includes:

1. Dermactin Stretch Mark Complex

2. Dermactin Forehead Refiner

3. Dermactin Eye Renewal Eye Cream

4. Dermactin Eye Puffiness Reducer

5. Reydiant Facial Oil for Sensitive Skin

6.Reydiant Primer Oil

7.Reydiant Anti Ageing Facial Serum

8.Reydiant Clay Face Mask

9.imPress Press On Manicure x2

10.Catrice Absolute Rose Eyeshadow Palette

11.Catrice Noir Lacquer & Catrice Luxury Nudes

12.Catrice Luminous Lips in ” Into the Maroon Lagoon” & “Whats AP-ricot?”.

13.Catrice Ultimate Stay in 170 “Beauty in Every Pink”.

14. Catrice Smokey Matt Powder Liner

15.Wet n Wild Coloricon in Brass

16.White Glo Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste

17. Inuka Modern Me Hair & Body Perfume

18. Inuka Calming Oil

19. Inuka Skin Clearing Oil

20. Inuka Liquid Lipstick ML10

21.Dare Matt Lip Gloss in 007

22. Shea Moisture African Black Soap Facial Wash & Scrub

23.Shea Moisture Daily Hydrating Leave in Treatment

24.Black Opal Blush Brush

25.Kiss Blooming lashes

To enter you have too:

1.Follow my blog & Instagram @fadwawc for a bonus entry.

2.Follow @beautyswop 

3.Follow @reydiant_natural_products

4.Follow @inuka_fragrance

5.Keep your fingers crossed. Good luck!

Thank you to Beauty Swop or Sale, Reydiant Natural Products and Inuka Fragrance for sponsoring this give-away.

T&C’s:Competition closes 09 October 2018 at 00:00.Winners will be announced on 10 October, 2018. This giveaway is only open to South African residents.

Monday Must Have’s: Beauty Swop or Sale Make-Up Masterclass!

Hello World. Today I am excited to share some exclusive news. A few weeks ago you would have seen me post about the Beauty Swop or Sale Expo which you can read about here.I am excited to announce that the BSS will host a make up masterclass in September.

makeup masterclass bss

The Ultimate Make-UP Masterclass will take place on September 15th 2018 at CA One Table in Claremont, Tickets are  R950.00 per person  & you can pick your ticket up here.

As a make-up enthusiast the Beauty Expo is one of those must attend events on the beauty calendar no matter what. This master class makes my heart so happy because (a) I haven’t attended a decent masterclass in yonks, (b) this is so much more than just a makeup masterclass & (c) the masterclass starts off my birthday celebrations.


I decided to call Coco the owner of the Beauty Swop or Sale group for the lowdown. As Coco explains the two hour in depth session is such value for money because professionals charge anywhere from R1800.00 for an hour session. The ultimate masterclass is hosted by Kirsty Cochius, the owner of Smudge Makeup Academy. Kirsty has been in the industry for 17 years and is an accredited makeup lecturer. I attended an intermediate class she hosted at the Beauty Expo and this woman is an absolute powerhouse.

Kirsty Cochius

So we have an amazing event, beautiful venue . Did I mention that food & drinks are included?! Yup its included. We have Kirsty who is a makeup genius walking us through step by step application, sharing hacks & tips. And what is a Beauty Swop or Sale event without the mandatory goody bag. If you have been to the Expo you will know that the goody bag value outweighs the price you pay for your ticket so I expect nothing less from Ultimate Make Up Masterclass goody bag.

blusher & bronze combo
Ofra Cosmetics blush/bronze combo

Ofra Cosmetics a sponsor of this event, will be treating every attendee to a blush/bronzer format to the value of R550.00. This is only one of the items you can expect in the goody bag, everything else is top-secret believe me I tried.

bss 2

Thank you for reading beauty Kings & Queens. I hope to see you all there xx


WSWB: Wedaad ETC

Hello World. I’m happy to share another Women Supporting Women in Business (WSWB) post on this beautiful summery winter’s day in Cape Town. As an avid supporter of Women Supporting Women in Business I am always on the lookout for  authentic, local & ethical businesses to support.

I am excited to introduce you to  Wedaad ETC. Wedaad ETC offers paper art, laser cutting & engraving, specialises in event decor and donut walls. Her designs are always on trend at a fraction of the cost.

A few weeks ago I arranged a pop up coffee shop for The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) to launch a flagship project called Cuppa for CANSA. We got our tea expert on board The Tea Merchant who paired their tea with cupcakes from The Cape Town Hotel School.

I needed something else  to pull the entire event  together. I then thought of Wedaad  and asked her if she could style the event. She took up the challenge.



Her flower wall uses paper flowers & is always the focal point which I love  She decided on a vintage theme using books and bird cages for every table. We had a hit!

wedaad etc
Flower Wall

I asked Wedaad what she is passionate about. She says”If it’s important to you….it’s important to me” is the motto I’ve adopted over time. So in living up to this, it’s amazing how I get to know and learn about my clients and eventually delivering products that suits exactly what their expectations are. My passions are design,  creativity and mostly colour! Throwing in some awesome service…and I think a great recipe for success can be formulated.”

Wedaad’s entrepreneurial spirit started at a young age & she attributes her success to her survival instinct and providing good service every time. Wedaad believes “A satisfied client will always return or recommend good service they received.”

Wedaad’s entrepreneurial spirit started at a young age & she attributes her success to her survival instinct and providing good service every time. Wedaad believes “A satisfied client will always return or recommend good service they received.”

The powerhouse that is Wedaad ETC

Amazing things happen when you support & love local! As the saying goes “When you buy from a small business, you are not helping a CEO buy a third vacation home. You are helping a little girl (or boy) get dance lessons, a little boy (or girl) get his team jersey, a mom put food on the table, a dad pay a mortgage. As always thank you for reading, will all my love F xx

OOTD:David Jones

Hello World. Time to Break Out a young OOTD (Outfit of the Day post).

As a plus size woman I have always struggled to find clothes I love. Over recent years that struggle has become easier with more brands branching out, local designers offering inclusive ranges & Instagram stores filling the niche market.

blog pic2

My love for local designer Isabel de Villiers is apparent on my OOTD posts here , here and here. As well as new and upcoming modest wear brand Kalathea Clothing which you can read about here and here. However what about when you just need something simple, you know the staples: a white tee or jeggings. I love Mr Price but their leggings never last me more than a few months.

Thank God for David Jones! If you didn’t know David Jones is an Australian department store brand bought over by Woolworths in 2014.  I started picking up a few items here & there two years ago, I am now a big fan of the brand.

blog pic 1

My jeggings purchased a year ago are still going strong thank you very much. At a price of about R350.00/ 27 USD/20GBP it doesn’t sound like it’s the cheapest , HOWEVER if you use my cost per wear ratio, which I use on everything I buy (this is the Total cost of the item/ estimated number of days you’ll wear it = the cost per wear) I currently pay R1.04/0.08USD/0.61GBP  a day, for jeggings!

Back to my current OOTD post.This light pink sequined David Jones knit  paired with leggings and boots for a cosy & snug fit in the chilly winter days is currently my favourite combo. Because knits and leggings are becoming my go too, I try to use accessories to change-up my look a bit.

blog pic 3

Here I am wearing a ripped knit beanie in a darker pink from Woolworths (R120.00), tassel earrings from Mr Price (R39.90) and Witchery Sunglasses to complete the look.

I got 99 problems but (thanks to fully inclusive brands) my curves ain’t one. Spend your money with brands who value your business, not with brands who treat you as an afterthought. As always thank you for reading , all my love F xx

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, it should be though!







OOTD/Life Update/What the hell am I doing?

Hello World. It’s the start of a new week & possibly the start of a new attitude.

These past few months have been difficult for me, I find myself being anxious all the time & having angry outbursts. Starting a new high pressured job, putting pressure on myself for my blog to reach certain goals, beating myself up because my Instagram doesn’t have a theme, constantly worrying about one thing or the other,comparing myself to my peers & just general “adulting”  it’s just all too much tbh. And it’s not just me, my friends are experiencing the same feelings of anxiety , which begs the question how do we make it stop.


pic 2graffitti
Outfit Details: Belted Melton Coat by David Jones, “I love Istanbul” Tshirt , Grey leggings from Mr Price and Stretch Gusset ankle boots from Studio W


So in between my outbursts this weekend,popping calmettes and trying not to lose my shit, I knew something had to change. This week I have promised I will take better care of myself. This starts by getting back to basics, going back to doing things I enjoyed doing because of how it made me feel. I started blogging because I needed a creative outlet, it’s never been about all the other stuff. I’ve been getting so wrapped up in the noise of social media that I’ve forgotten my soul purpose.

Accessory Details: Felt Fedora by Witchery & Sunglasses from Aldo (3 years ago)

Getting back to basics also means concentrating on my breathing. I find this breathing exercise helps defuse the situation:

  • 1. Inhale, count 5 heartbeats
  • 2. Hold breath, count 7 heartbeats
  • 3. Exhale, count 9 heartbeats


Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves?! If you find yourself overwhelmed or pressurized this week just STOP for a second! Remember that our timeline is not God’s. Breathe! Then go get some ice cream.  In the end the only thing that matters is being the best version of you.Take care of yourself  in which ever way you need. As always Thank you for reading , with all my love F xx






OOTD: Little Miss Sunshine featuring Isabel De Villiers

Hello World. It’s time to Break Out an Outfit of the Day post (OOTD).

The dress I’m wearing in this post is by one of my all time favourite designers, Isabel De Villiers. I wasnt sure about this dress at first, as the colour is so far out of my comfort zone but I took the plunge anyway and decided to try something new.  This dress was the second dress I picked up on sale , you can read about the other dress I picked up over here.

isable yellow tulle

This yellow Tulle Summer Dress, is the most dreamy princess dress anyone could ask for and can be styled in many ways. Here comfortability was key as I knew I was going to be on my feet all day.I paired it with a pair of olive boots & because we not really in the heat of summer I wore a boat neck bodysuit underneath.

isabel diff background

Stepping out of your comfort zone is a good thing, it keeps your look fresh and makes you question everything. Fashion to me is about playing around with different things until I get something that is undeniably my style. Fashion also means not having any rules. At the end of the day clothes make you feel a certain way. And I always want to feel good. Feel good fashion. It’s a thing! Make it your thing.

isable yellow tulle 1

Have you invested in one of Isabel’s pieces? Let me know if you are as inlove with her work as I am. As always thank you for reading. With all my love , F xx






OOTD: Karoo

Hello World. I’m Breaking Out my first OOTD post for 2018.

Day two of the easter holiday saw us doing the most between breakfast, a failed easter Egg hunt & some work at the Old Mutual marathon after party hosted by Forrester Arms. After all that the only way to end the day was with a visit to Oude Molan Ecco Village. My nephew enjoyed some q.t with his horse Milo , who he knew for all of two seconds.

Before he could go riding we had to put everything on hold and take some blog pics. Can you blame me, the view was spectacular especially after some much needed rain.


Really glad I chose to wear this Karoo dress from Isabel de Villiers Spring\Summer 2017 collection as it’s the perfect ‘on the go’ dress. I picked up this dress and one more on sale, and I’m happy to report it’s still currently on sale on Spree.


I don’t know what it is about Isabel but she hits it out of the park every time . This woman just gets it . I had a chance to see her new Autumn 2018 range and I knew that she had hooked me forever.


Wishing you all a blessed Easter , with all my love F xx

Bali Travel Diaries!

Hello World. Its time to Break Out my last post for 2017. Eeeek!

I visited Bali in October/ November this year and instead of booking an apartment and living local like we usually do we decided to book hotels/resorts/ villas and even a “homestay” admittedly by mistake but still I live for any travel adventure.

Our first stop was Ubud, famous for lush green rice paddies & its arts & crafts. We arrived late at night and checked into a Homestay. A Homestay allows you to stay with a local & offers a truly authentic experience. This homestay was unlike any other, we had an in-house temple, gorgeous eating area where you sit on the floor & nooks & crannies filled with all types of gems.  The only downside: no aircon in our room. In Bali you need aircon.

Our first check in was at a “Homestay”


We ate our way through Ubud, egg fried rice & egg fried noodles soon became our staple food. We stumbled upon the very Instagrammable Gelato Secrets one night, and had thee best honey comb & pistachio gelato I have ever tasted. Freshly squeezed watermelon juice found everywhere is the only drink that quenched the thirst and offered some respite from the heat.  Fresh coconuts cut while you wait, enjoyed as you walk the streets late at night. Heaven is that you!Our time here was very “Eat , pray , love”.


The very instagrammable Gelato Secrets.

After exploring Ubud our next stop was Seminyak. Seminyak I read is known as the spa and boutique shopping capital of Bali. This was my favorite part of the trip, I fell in love with the streets, the people & a little Mexican restaurant where I found the most delicious churros ever tasted, I know I say this a lot but its true. This trip was more like an eating tour  than anything else. I’m not complaining!


Mexican Restuarant found in Seminyak.

On our second day in Seminyak we tried to order a Uber to go beaching at the Double Six beach for the day. After an hour or two we gave up and went for a swim in the beautiful pool at Grand La Villas & Spa. We later found out that Ubers weren’t allowed in the area. The blue taxis that stop every time you make eye contact is what should be used, luckily we hired a driver who carted us around for the rest of the trip for as little as 2USD.

Spent 90% of my time poolside!

Bali is called the land of the Gods and I can see why. Every morning the locals start the day by offering Canang Sari, an offering of thanks to the Gods which line the streets, businesses, temples and beaches. I loved watching this ritual every day.

Canang Sari ritual

On the final leg of the trip we visited the dreaded Kuta. I say dreaded because we heard so many stories telling us we wouldn’t enjoy our time in Kuta as it was too “touristy” & warning us that all that was in store for us were dirty beaches & tourist traps.Begrudgingly we left our beautiful villa and on we went. This time we checked into a resort.

We journeyed to the beach which was less than a five-minute walk to my delight. Picture banana boats lining  the shore, gazebos as you enjoy dinner on the beach, dragons lining the sky (kites) and the soft whisper of waves crashing.

Some parts of the beach were filled with trash but it wasnt as bad I expected, in fact I have probably seen this every time I visit Strand beach back home. It’s the price you pay for inconsiderate humans;tourists & locals alike:,the world over.

Sunset on Kuta Beach.

A few days later we headed to our last hotel, a boutique hotel, my favorite kind. I love the personalised attention a boutique hotel brings.Here we had a temple next door to our hotel and could hear the soft mantra’s over the daily buzz of daily life.


Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Stir fried rice) & Es Campur( shaved ice+dragonfruit+grass jelly+condensed milk) were some of our staples.

This by far has been my most”holiday holiday “and by that I mean, this is the first time we have traveled with no itinerary or plans and all I did was eat my weight in watermelon every morning for breakfast, take a nap, after napping we would go swimming until we either got tired or hungry. Terima Kasih Bali, this has been my best holiday ever!


How to “self-care” in five easy steps!

Hello World. Is it just me or do things get crazier the faster festive season approaches?! I guess that means its time to Break out a “How to” self care post .

Having received an email from one of my readers starting an interesting conversation about self care (Hi Emily) this was a blessing in disguise because what is self-care really? It seems I had completely forgotten how to unwind.

And because I have recently been under the weather, this forced me to take some much needed me time. Today I’m sharing my top five things to do when you don’t know how to take care of yourself.

hello world

  1. Light a candle:-The first thing that helped get me into ” chill out” mode was lighting candles, if this doesn’t create a relaxing atmosphere for you nothing will.
  2. Pamper party for one: Now that the mood is set, I knew my skin was screaming for some attention. Using my favorites: ie charcoal mask &  She’zen body re-hydrate my skin was feeling the love in no time. Now on to my hair, eyebrows, & nails. Nothing beats clean hair, fresh nails, soft skin & perfectly shaped brows.
  3. Right or Write: If there is one thing that calms me its writing. Whether it be a blog post, priority list, bucket list or journal-ling. Whatever makes you completely forget about life’s day to day worries do that.
  4. Blending is my cardio: Whatever your bliss is, find it & never let it go. For me it is playing with my makeup. Creating new looks, trying to perfect my cut crease and experimenting with a new make- up technique.
  5. Back to the basics: And if you’ve done all of this and you still feel ‘meh’, lets go back to the basics . Drink some water, have a snack, grab some sunscreen & get some sunshine.

In a world where we often feel guilty when we are not busy & only validated when our priority lists are a mile long, its time to cut the b.s. This past week has reminded me why its important to put myself first. My mental health is more important to me than the fear of saying “no”. Thank you for reading lovelies. What is your number 1 self care tip? Please share in the comment section below. With all my love xx