Monday Must Have’s: Colourpop

Hello World! It’s my favorite time of the week, Monday and time to Break out a Monday Must Have post.

Earlier this year I attended the Beauty Swop or Sale Beauty Expo & picked up my first Colourpop purchase. I’ve heard so many amazing things about this brand , besides being affordable the make-up quality is top-notch & I was quite excited to try it out.

I picked up the Super shocked cheek highlighter in Wisp and the Ultra metallic lip in the shade Maneater.


I picked out these colours because I wanted a golden glow for an upcoming holiday,I was not disappointed. These items were purchased at sale prices from Samika Store , a vendor at the beauty expo. Samika Store is an online retailer who stocks authentic international brands. The highlighter was purchased for R 180/9.6GBP/ 12.66 USD and the lipstick was R175/9.4GBP/12.03USD.


What are your favourite Colour Pop purchases beauties, please share them below as I think this might become one of my favourite brands. As always thank you for reading , with all my love F xx



Monday Must Haves: Kiki Cool Citrus Setting Spray

Hello World. How exciting is it that I get to Break Out another Monday Must Have post. Well it is for me anyway.

Lets get into it. Today I’m introducing you to the Kiki Luxury Skincare brand and more specifically the Cool Citrus Setting Spray. This is another item I received in my BSS Beauty Expo swag bag, along with a sample of the Natural Radiance moisturizer & Face Primer ( shout out to Coco for going out of her way to arrange my swag bag & ticket after it sold out).

Description taken from the website:

KiKi’s Make-Up Ready Cool Citrus Setting Spray is a gorgeous, light and silky, citrus enriched product which is sprayed over your make-up in order to set and hold it for longer periods of time. KiKi’s Make-Up Ready Cool Citrus Setting Spray, Step 5 of the Make-Up Ready process, not only locks down your make-up, but spraying on this extra fine mist also gives you a refreshing boost. Don’t let those dry days get you down. The Cool Citrus Setting Spray can also act as a secret weapon to provide instant moisture and hydration. Just whip it out of your handbag, any time, any place, give yourself a quick spritz and immediately find a new, more radiant and moisturised you. This product is free of synthetic fragrance and suitable for both dry and oily skin types. It contains aromatic, natural grapefruit oil to cool and calm the senses.

1506879549479 (1)

Let me just say out of the bundle the Cool Citrus Setting Spray is my favorite. To test it I used it before foundation, after foundation, after my make-up was done and spritzed my face once more during a night out. Obsessed much?! I also used it on a brush to intensify my highlight & eye-shadow.

The smell firstly is a biggie for me, because of my sensitive skin & sinus, the citrus tone is not overpowering as I feared.  The Cool Citrus Spray also covers the two p’s. Price & Packaging. It’s reasonably priced , at 245ZAR for 100ml. And then lets not forget about the gorgeous packaging, I can hardly believe this is a local product. Simply put I’m so impressed by this local brand , I will be repurchasing it when I run out.

As always thank you for reading. If you have tried and absolutely love any other Kiki products please let me know.

Monday Must have’s: Skincare for Eczema sufferers.

Hello World. Don’t you just hate when you have an itch you cant scratch?! For as long as I can remember I’ve been suffering from eczema.  Eczema to me is … that itch I just cannot scratch. Urghhh.

My skin has become easier to deal with over the years but I still have really bad break outs. Which just worsens as the season changes & the days heat up. Summer time is my best and worst time. Best because long summer days make me feel happier. Worst because I breakout in the ugliest rash on my chest , hands & arms whenever the sun touches my skin & it doesn’t really matter that I’m a sunscreen fanatic.

Needless to say I have tried every remedy out there. Bathed in tea (rooibos tea) applied aloe gel & calamine lotion that contains an anesthetic just to deaden the skin and take away the itch. That itching feeling drives me crazy. I freeze facecloths, sometimes wrap the area in gauze and a hundred other things.

In my search to find the perfect remedy I have found two things that work for me. The first is a homemade mask which gives my face a radiant glow.  I’ve been using this mask for almost 7 years now. I take one egg and a teaspoon of honey , mix it up and apply to my face until it sets like a mask. The egg because of the protein improves the dryness & tightens my skin while the honey with its antibacterial properties calms my breakout. I love this because it does the trick every time.

Woolworths Raw honey & Eggs for Face Mask and Shezen Rehydrating bath


My second  saving grace,  that I’ve been using for approximately three or four years now is the Shezen Re-hydrating Bath. I apply this to my rash and I immediately feel a difference. My inflamed skin feels moisturized & not so raw from all the scratching. This product contains Shea Butter, calendula and sweet almond oil. I don’t know if its the Shea butter with its anti-inflammatory properties or the combination of oils but it really does wonders for my skin. I buy mine here if you interested.

Ps: I also use this as a lip scrub. My matte lippies come off easily, which is great because I only wear matte lipsticks now & it dries out my lips so much.

In the mean time, I’m still doing some research on natural toners & moisturizers. I have so far found the most recommended cleanser to be coconut oil (go figure, coconut oil will fix your life) & toner to be apple cider vinegar mixed with mineral water.  I am still at a loss as far as a anti-aging moisturizer is concerned but I will find it. For now I use E45 (as a moisturizer)  & hemorrhoid cream (for wrinkles) when I remember .

If you have any suggestions for me please comment below. I would love any tips on whats worked for you. As always thank you for reading & Happy Monday lurvlies xxx

Monday Must Have’s: Avon Setting Spray vs Woolworths Finishing Spray

Woolworths finishing spray & Avon Make Up Setting spray featuring my dead flowers

Last year while I was looking for more affordable setting / finishing sprays, I picked up two brands to try. I’ve been using it for a few months now and here’s the lowdown.

Avon Make Up setting spray: Retail Price R150
I was excited to try this brand as I’ve seen some really great products from Avon over the years. The first time I tried it was just to set my everyday weekend make up. The smell was a bit overwhelming. After a few seconds the liquid dried to a kind of crystallized, flaky texture which felt like beads of sugar on my face, which immediately tightened.

I also tried it out when I was doing a day time wedding make up look on someone else, same results. I read some reviews on and it seems like this product might work better on oily skin. This product does make your make up last but it doesn’t work well with my dry skin.

Woolworths Face Make Up Finishing spray: Retail price R99.95
My first impression of this product was once again the smell. The fragrance has a slight hint of chamomile and feels refreshing on the skin especially when you keep in refrigerated. The smell is not overwhelming at all, which I love. No tightness or flakiness, and it gives my make up a nice glow. Another plus is that  the product is approved by Beauty Without Cruelty, another reason  to love Woolies.

Face: Nyx Foundation in Caramel & Woolworths Finishing Spray. Eyes: Swiitchbeauty Palette, Essence corner lashes. Lips: Kylie Lip Kit in Dead of Knight.

Try the Woolworths Finishing spray and let me know what you think. Thank you for reading beauties xx