Monday Misses & Must Haves: Signature Cosmetics

Hello World. It’s been a minute. Today I’m breaking out a “Monday Miss” and “Monday Must Have”.

A few weeks ago I passed a Signature Cosmetics store and thought I’d have a look around.I have never purchased from them before but I’m always on the lookout for a new quality makeup. Their Miss Signature Just Matte and Miss Signature Matte Stick  lipsticks caught my eye.

When I got home I tried the Miss Signature Just Matte lipstick first, oh boy. I now know why Kylie’s Lip kits & Mac’s Retro Matte’s are so pricey. The Miss Signature Just Matte Lipstick had a sticky feel to it, thinking it would go away after a few minutes, I waited a bit longer but to my disappointment it just got worse. My lips stuck together and because of this it eventually took the product off my lips. This is not the best formula & today this is my “Monday Miss”.

Miss Signature Just Matte Lipsticks 

I then tried the Miss Signature Matte Stick. Now this did not disappoint. The colour pay off is great & leaves lips feeling moisturized. I paired my Miss Signature in the colour “Black” #14 with my Kylie “Dead of Knight” Lip liner as I hate it when my lipstick bleeds & liner just gives me a well-rounded look. I will try to find a more affordable lip liner and update this article.

My next colour was “Dark Purple” #7 which I paired with an Essence lip liner in the colour “Honey Berry”. I am in love with this colour.

My favorite find “Miss Signature Just Matte Stick’s” in Black #14 & Dark Purple #7

What makes this even more of a gem is the price. It retails for R34-00 each. What!!!!  I picked up two lipsticks on a special they had running for R54-00 What a score!!! I am so excited about this Monday Must Have because as much as I love spending my hard-earned cash on all my cult favorites I can’t resist a good deal. Make-up  that doesn’t cost an arm or a leg , now that makes my heart smile.

Thank you for reading beauties xx

Monday Must Haves: Essence ‘All about Grey’s Eyeshadow’

Hello World. Another Monday means I’m Breaking Out another Monday Must have post Girl! Today I am sharing the Essence “All about Greys” eye-shadow palette with you. I’ve had this palette for over a year now and its the only palette I reach for when I need to do a sultry smoky eye. As always this is another great product from Essence Cosmetics for less. It retails for R89.95 (ZAR) in South Africa. This palette has two matte shades (your transition shades) & six metallic shades.

image 2
Essence ‘All about Greys” eye-shadow swatches

I have used this palette to create a traditional smoky eye, reverse smoky eye, I’ve added pressed glitter to jazz it up a bit more and I have used Vaseline over a simple black lid for a glossy chic look. It is versatile and I love that you can build up the colours depending on the intensity you want.

I used the Essence “All about the greys” eye-shadow to create these ‘Day to Night time looks’

HotTip: Start with your eye make up first before going in with foundation as there is a bit of fall out which might ruin your foundation if it’s already set.

Thank you for reading beauties! Please share your looks with me, I am always looking for a new innovative way to wear darker eye shadow’s.

Monday Must Have’s: Avon Setting Spray vs Woolworths Finishing Spray

Woolworths finishing spray & Avon Make Up Setting spray featuring my dead flowers

Last year while I was looking for more affordable setting / finishing sprays, I picked up two brands to try. I’ve been using it for a few months now and here’s the lowdown.

Avon Make Up setting spray: Retail Price R150
I was excited to try this brand as I’ve seen some really great products from Avon over the years. The first time I tried it was just to set my everyday weekend make up. The smell was a bit overwhelming. After a few seconds the liquid dried to a kind of crystallized, flaky texture which felt like beads of sugar on my face, which immediately tightened.

I also tried it out when I was doing a day time wedding make up look on someone else, same results. I read some reviews on and it seems like this product might work better on oily skin. This product does make your make up last but it doesn’t work well with my dry skin.

Woolworths Face Make Up Finishing spray: Retail price R99.95
My first impression of this product was once again the smell. The fragrance has a slight hint of chamomile and feels refreshing on the skin especially when you keep in refrigerated. The smell is not overwhelming at all, which I love. No tightness or flakiness, and it gives my make up a nice glow. Another plus is that  the product is approved by Beauty Without Cruelty, another reason  to love Woolies.

Face: Nyx Foundation in Caramel & Woolworths Finishing Spray. Eyes: Swiitchbeauty Palette, Essence corner lashes. Lips: Kylie Lip Kit in Dead of Knight.

Try the Woolworths Finishing spray and let me know what you think. Thank you for reading beauties xx